PassTime Frequently Asked Questions

PassTime Frequently Asked Questions

What is that beeping noise I am hearing when I start my car?

Those tones are a reminder that your payment is due and you need to contact your lender because you will be prevented from starting your vehicle soon. 

Will the device stop my car while I am driving?

No, PassTime is a starter-interrupt device and will only prevent a vehicle from starting and can never shut down a running vehicle.


In the event your vehicle is disabled, call your creditor if it is during business hours or use the 24-hour override command.

There are four ways to initiate your Override Command:

  1. Vehicle Starting Sequence:

Insert key in ignition. Turn key to the “ON” position, then back to the “OFF” position 5 consecutive times within 30 seconds to initiate override command.

  1. Use PassTime Override Mobile App: with the app installed on your smart phone, use instructions in app to request an Override Command. Available for iPhone & Android.
  2. Using a PassTime remote keypad, WITH THE KEY IN THE “ON” POSITION, press 999 999. You should hear a response or beep each time you press a button.
  3. Call PassTime 24/7 Support and request an available Override Command.

Download PassTime Override App

If my car is stolen and I have a GPS device on my car, can PassTime locate it?

Yes, once a police report has been filed and sent to PassTime, PassTime will assist in trying to locate your vehicle for you.  PassTime has successfully located and helped recover numerous stolen vehicles.

Can I qualify for a discount on my auto insurance?

Yes, many insurance companies will provide a discount for having a GPS or anti-theft device.

Emergency numbers for.                          

Wise Credit (Open regular business hours)                        


PassTime (Open 24/7)


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